Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sad to see you go...

so have to pay my respects to the ever inspiring World Sweet World magazine, sob...
The final issue has a divine Devon Smith cover and equally lovely contents and you get it now from emma and complete your collection!
Thanks Hannah and Thomas for creating something really special in Wellington and being a uniting force for us who love craft and the powerful positive energy it brings.
I'm sure you're going to create someone really beautiful soon.x

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Clogs are go!

Having loved wearing my Funkis yellow summer clogs over the last year I searched in vain to source some winter clogs for my new season shoot which is themed on travel and our dreams and inspiration for these voyages.
On my online travels I did spot these hand painted lovelies that shoot Heidi from the hilltops to high fashion quicker than you can yodel and thought they are pretty 'spech' and worth sharing.x.

Pretty pretty things

I can't believe a couple of weeks have flown by since the ever so lovely and talented Ms Heleen from Ruby in the Dust was in town for Craft 2.0 and visited her exclusive Wellington stockist...
She came armed with special treasures so I've replenished my gorgeous vintage embroidered brooches stock and got some new cosmetic mirrors. They have such cute pictures and fabrics on their reverse that you'll smile even as you despair over your wind-blown hairstyle:)
Also each mirror thoughtfully comes with it's own braid trimmed felt pouch to keep it safe and sound.
While visiting Heleen fell for one of my 'if it's homemade it rocks my world' tees and wore it at The Dowse the next day. Looked great, thanks:)