Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ruby in the dust

Is that a great name or what!
It's perfect to describe the wee treasures by Auckland based label
Ruby in the Dust created by the clever Heleen and now stocked at emma.
Yippee...nana won't be the only person to love getting these ever so pretty brooches, cosmetic mirrors (with their own handmade felt pouches, cute), journals and bags for Christmas.
Vintage embroidered linens have been carefully re-worked into these delicious items along with those childhood favourites, Golden books, that are upcycled into journals to put your own creative musings in.
So come looking for your own ruby in the dust in-store now.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Filiokus hocus pocus

This month emma is thrilled to be stocking a limited number of Filiokus sunhats
& every day dress-ups.

For sun smart smarties-
these have to be the cutest sunhats for your junior mr or miss and they're made right here in Wellington. Go local!
Three sizes will have your precious bundles covered, from wee toddlers to school kids, and they're all made from 100% cotton with an imaginative design eye and fantastic fun colours.

Nana $32 they are a prefect Chrissy gift for lucky grandchildren.
And aunties & uncles, deserving favourite nieces & nephews will adore them too:)

We've also got a couple of matching sun-dresses to completely ace playtime and the most adorable baby shark- bite me xx.

For the full range online check out
Thanks Karin and Sasha.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sun smarty-party

Well not exactly a party but from today emma is having it's first in-store promotion.
It's in support of a very good cause and timely as we welcome summer 09/10!

This week is Sunsmart week and having lost my Dad to melanoma a couple of years ago I thought it was time to do my bit to help spread the word, so word up...

slip into some cool summer threads ( yours truly may be able to help you with this one:) and find shade under a big tree, especially between 11am-4pm.
slop on spf30+ broad spectrum sunscreeen thickly at least 15 mins before going outside, keep on applying throughout the day if you're outside as it doesn't last forever and rubs off too.
slap on a wide brimmed hat or styling cap with flaps.
Emma has got some cute sunhats in from Filiokus for the littlies-think strawberries, watermelons, kiwifruit-ahhh:)
wrap oh yeah... the essential, I'm too cool for school, sunglasses. Close fitting and wrap around are best.

It's all pretty easy stuff really.

My dad and I shared a great love for chocolate so all this month emma will be giving away with all purchases over $50 vouchers for chocolates and hot/iced chocolates from
L'Affaire au Chocolat (just a couple of doors down the road). Oh so yummy.

Look forward to seeing you soon and please keep sunsmart!