Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bill Cunningham inspires me

Last weekend, Bella and I went to a documentary about Bill Cunningham, the New York based photographer who chronicles Street Style for the NY Times and does it on a bike, with a film camera at the age of 80. What a guy, we loved it. It was amazing not only for the fashion but it took us away to the streets of New York and Paris as seen through the eyes of a truly good, honest and creative man. If you're ever feeling a bit weary of the world this is a tonic:

You just have to believe... a little bit of magic ( and some nice warm woollies) when winter starts to cool things down. Wendy did and when I designed this 100% wool cardigan with the peter pan collar I believed too so just had to name it after her.
It'll keep you cosy warm and looking pretty so you can continue to create all your own magic in style:)
Available in redcurrant (as pictured), charcoal and black and instore at emma now!