Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gotta love Grace

Though I haven't quite got around to going to the Film Festival much in recent years my pal Karin got way organized this year and booked us films online, thanks hun.
The fashion films were a real incentive and so far have loved loved loved 'The September Issue'.
Had seats quite close to the screen and was pleasantly surprised at the lack of botoxed beauties working at American Vogue.
The lovely Grace Coddington was an inspiration, described by The Independant as ...
' flame-haired, make-up free and an imaginative rebel' she was a perfect foil to the immaculate Anna Wintour.
I can't wait for this to return, it's a definate one for return viewing.
Also saw 'Coco' a couple of nights ago, mostly about the early years of Coco Chanel.
Not quite as engaging a film to me as the previous one but still solid fashion action and I was left admiring her strength of character and how film really illustrated the fashion changes she lived through and how so many of them were created by her.
Next up is 'Valentino' which Bella and I are looking forward to this weekend. Italian excess should be fun.
Movie time is a good time when it's cold outside.xx.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fab fabric 'a' brac hits town

It's fabric it's vintage it's way fun
it's for all you crafty boys and girls who love creating and love a great deal.

Fabric 'a' brac
Saturday 18th July @ the Brooklyn Community Hall 12-3.

I'll have a table with some fabric bits and bobs which will hopefully inspire you to sew something pretty for yourself or for someone else lucky:
a snuggly merino hoodie, patchwork pillowcase or perhaps a softie to tell your secrets to:)
It's cash only with the closest eftpos machine being around the corner at the Brooklyn shops so forewarned is forearmed, ka-ching!!
There's lots of bargains so be in quick.
See ya'll there ya hear.