Monday, September 28, 2009

We love flowers...

so had to share these most gorgeous flowers Pippa chose for emma to celebrate spring and to complement cupcake day last Saturday.
Thanks luv.

We have signage!

No more temporary, paper, double sided tape, stuck on signs for us yah!
With help from the talented Anna Stewart we now have a great window to welcome you into the 'nana lounge'
(I think the two lovebirds on the twirly ribbon on the left are her and her fiance cooing x)
I even dressed up my mannequin to celebrate WOW style, as the Wearable Arts awards are in town, and although it's my usual forte a few paper dollies, vintage lace and an embroidered tablecloth put together to make pretty don't look half bad and was really fun to do:)
I can see why people enter that competition year after year.

My other front window is also more than wonderful as has a beautiful delicate installation work by Phoebe Morris evoking the theme of my summer range Stitchbirds.
She's a talented chickadee so keep your eyes peeled as she creates new and varied visual feasts!
Spring has sprung.