Monday, August 25, 2008

It's Fashion time!

As my first fashion week s-day (show-day) is fast approaching I am looking forward to getting to Akld and doing it! NZFW is a well oiled machine and emma just a wee part of the patchwork.
In the Verge Breakthrough group show there are 5 new labels on show, including moi, with one of us taking away a prize of $10,000 at the end of the show. 
How does that work? Well-the front two rows get to vote directly after the show is over for their fav - so fingers crossed for e-m-m-a!
I'd love you to be there and add to the clap-o-meter so drop me a line if you'd like a ticket.
I know it's hard to get away from the beautiful Wellie town but if you have a city of sails pal to represent that's sweet too.
They may even like to make a day or three of it and buy tickets for the Designer Selection show which runs straight after and features a tasty bite of the Fashion Week designers in-season and winter ranges. 
Look on for details under designer selection show or public events.
Got to be in:)


Lesley Melody said...

Hi Emma. Congratulations on the fashion week thing. I love the clothes on your blog (and your blog too). I see Rani a lot. She, Hugo and my lad Noah hang out quite a bit as we live very close. Regards and all the best. Lesley M.

emma said...

Hi Lesley. Lovely to hear from you. Gotta love this internet thing. Thanks for your kind words. Fashion Week was a great experience and has definately given me more profile.Seeing as everyone in the industry seems to have a PR company nowadays it's hard to get noticed without but I'm chipping away.
Would love to hear what you're up to?Loving Melbourne I imagine. You can contact me thru website address more directly.
Do give my love to Rani when you next meet up.Miss her.emx